Ranting on Jams

Ok it is not often I do this but I have to rant. One of my favorite things to do it marmalade. I went to a class in Oakland at June Taylor's Still Room . She is the Queen of Marmalade in this girl's opinion. I learned so much from her class. I learned history of fruit and a true appreciation of our citrus fruits. Many people have told me they have never had a Lemon Marmalade that is as tangy and lemony as mine. I take great pride and thank June.

Ok Ran time. I was searching the Internet for some Ginger and Vanilla lemon Marmalade's to make. I went to a website I do not go to anymore for reasons I keep to myself. But the recipe on her Blog was the exact replica of the class I took down to the make your own pectin. Ok I am one to say give credit where credit is due. Link to the source. Look we have gone mad for preserving and pickling  etc..... There is a new book around every corner. Mine blog is not to get popular mine is to share and learn. I take classes to know that I am being safe and learn from those who have gone before me. But when people who have not so much as take a safety course boast about how "They" made a jam or what not well it just put my panties in a bunch.

Ok I have been cutting Lemons all day to get some Marmalade's going tomorrow...thanx for listening g....


  1. Was it me? Sometimes in the middle of the night when I am writing the post I forget, but not intentionally! LOL Love to hear you Rant... but you forgot the "T" in the second paragraph. Just wanted you to know that I was "feeling" you! LOL

  2. Not sure which blog it was but could they have just used the same recipe you did? Or are you talking about one you made up? Maybe someone gave them the recipe? I'm not sure because like I said, I have no idea which blog you are talking about and the history you have with them. Just trying to think of reasons.
    Sorry this happened to you but you can always think of it as a compliment because they are trying to be like you :)

  3. Thanx....No no it was not my recipe but I do know where the exact recipe came from and I think that it should have been linked..and I have no history with the blog.....Regardless of the reason I like it when credit is given to our fellow canners....But Joanne you are right I need to let it go....Thank you!


Thank you !