Jelly Strainer

I am going to go get a real jelly strainer today. I know I know what you mean you I do not have one yet? ....No use paint cloth attached to a bent hanger....ok wait for it ...over a old bucket....Look I am a sustainable gal and like to use what is on hand and yes it was all sanitary.

I never thought to get any pictures and I decided to throw it out last week and go for the gusto... I went on line to Amazon but between the shipping cost I doubt I will pay that much for something I can make...lol

So after going to Bed, Bath and Bullshit  Beyond which seems to never have what this cook-canner needs. I went to the hardware store who a thought. Thank you Do-it-Center and it was only 6.00 oh yeah that is what I love cheap cheap cheap. So now I will defrost the Grapes I cooked up to make my 1st jelly. Yes I am a jam girl jelly is so how do you say boring. My sharp little mind is still trying to figure out what I can put into the grape jelly to kick it up a bit. I have 4 million vanilla beans in a jar from the vanilla extract I could add....Oh man Ice Cream no way how delicious...sorry sorry ... sidetrackin'. Holy Moly I just went to the store and it still is not in. Ok I will keep you up to date on this dilemma!

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