Sweet Read & Tasty Giveaway

 Look I love blogging and sharing the things that make me smile.
I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog and start to share more of your goodies with me and everyone else. There is so much competition out there for our time. But I hope with no needless advertising, or to many links that make us get lost from the original journey. Here you will find the information on what we came to read it will make you want to keep coming back here and sharing some of your own creations.

I am hoping by having this giveaway we can share more of what we all love.

There are three ways to enter this drawing I am starting a new feature on this blog it is called "The Peoples Preserves" this will feature your stuff!

One : Become a follower of this blog

Two: Send me one of your recipes to feature on this blog picture or not I will love them all!
Email to : canarellaa @ hotmail.com (note double a at the end of the name)
or post on the Canarella FB page I can grab it from there.

Three: Share this giveaway on your FB page or Blog

If you do all three than three entries just let me know !
Pure Vanilla Extract

Tarragon Vinegar

It is an October Fest ! The giveaway will include the Book "The Joy of Jams, Jellies and other sweet preserves" by Linda Ziedrich plus the big bonus is a bottle of my Homemade Vanilla Extract and a bottle of my Tarragon Vinegar. Yippe!

We will pick a winner October 20th 

This book is really great and BIG have you ever heard of Oregon Grape it is not a true grape... oh you will have to enter to find out ....Hey! No goggling . this book is almost 400 pages of jammin goodness! Good Luck and thank you..xoxo


  1. I follow your blog via RSS feed

  2. The book sounds really interesting and I would really like to try some of your homemade vanilla. I've been wanting to make some and just haven't found the time.
    I am now a follower of your blog!
    I have a recipe on my blog for sweet zucchini relish that you can use. I also posted about your giveaway on my blog. http://prim2pink.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-latest-passion-is-for-canning.html

    1. Judy thank you so much I will go grab your recipe tomorrow. Look forward to searching your
      blog. xoxo


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