Some of my Tip's and Trick's

When ever I use pectin in any of my jam's I make sure I mix it up with a cup of sugar. When I am making the jam and it call's out to mix in the pectin it seems to me that it mixes in more better that way.

More better? Really  

 This is my little lid pot. I found this at a garage sale. It is said that you need to warm your lid's prior to capping your jar's. It is not suppose to be boiling just warm. What I do is get some of the water that is boiling in the canner and set it on the side with my lids in it. This way they are right there and warm when I cap the jars.

This is a super easy way to sterilize your jar's. Depending on how long it takes for your dishwasher to cycle out. I put the jar's in the dishwasher about 15 minutes prior to starting my jams. Once I am ready to jar up I have warm clean jars for my project. I always do more than I need but hey look how clean they are. Yes I make big batches. 

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