Back To Basic's Spring Swap

Well yesterday I decided to get a back to basics thing going on. I thought about the giveaway's I do and I do them because I love to give and share stuff.

Today in this modern techy Internet driven world we have lost a bit of our basic human contact. Sooo in a small way I am going to try to get some of us back to communicating old school yes I'm am doing a swap But you do not need to spend more than the cost of a stamp! What the hell are you kidding me!!!! No I am not ! You need not make an apron, can some jar's , or make a gift .

Just write down your favorite canning, fermenting, pressure canned, dried, "Stuff" and the story that goes along with it then pop it in the mail to your new Snail Mail Buddy.

So for the cost of a stamp and a memory we can get :

Back to Basics by

Keeping the United States Postal Service in Business
Get something besides ad's in the mailbox
Get reacquainted with your mailbox
Get exercise by walking to your mailbox
Use a pen , paper and yes an envelope

So get your recipe and story together and get excited to get reacquainted with communication. To be a part of our little Snail Swap just leave a private message to me on FB with your address. Or Email me at canarella@sbcglobal.net .I will message you back your snail friend. And yes I use a Fountain Pen . Habit!


  1. What a nice idea this is! Thanks. :)

  2. I like this idea. Is it a one shot deal or will we be doing it more than once, like monthly or something? Or do we not know yet? Either way, I'm in, I'll FB message you my info.

    1. I would love to do it monthly with someone new each month . How fun this will be.


Thank you !