Easter time testing testing

I know it is not even pass the ole' Saint Patty's day. I am going to throw my Corn Beef in an Iron Kettle and let her sit all day. That makes me want to make some Stuffed Cabbage Nanny Rosie's recipe.Yesterday I saw the cutesiest picture of Mason Jar's decorated and filled for Easter.

That sounds like such a fun project. My daughter made some of the cutest candles for the Holiday's out of Mason Jars.

I like canning for the season yes I have been tempted by the fruits and veggies from "Chili" but alas I have been busy preparing my yard for the great weather we are getting a taste of. But I found so many sites with idea's for Easter. I am going to make pin board for each Holiday perhaps. I am deciding what to cook for Egg day . I want to turn it into a Italian Easter sound good?

We have a good recipe to work with. I am going to make Calazone that my Mother-in-Love makes. I will post the recipe on my cooking site It is like none you have ever cooked or eaten. It is baked like a lasagna and has eggs in it. Everyone has loved this since the day it hit out home 15 years ago. Meatballs and spaghetti. And a beautiful salad sounds good. Oh and the tiny desert jars. I am going to make them and color them green for this weekend to test the recipe.

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