Three blenders and a mustard seed away

Look I have made mustard before and never ever had such a challenge. Every time it turns out so delicious and everyone yes everyone in the world loves it. So what better time to make some than   St. Patty's Day! Ahhh Lucky of the Irish I say ! NOT

So I soak the little seeds. This time I decided to soak them overnight in Rice Vinegar I thought it might give them a nice little sweet ting! Ok all ready goodnight little seeds. The Corn beef is done we want it cold to make sure it can be cut super thin on the meat slicer.

Ahh Good Mornin' Sunshine tis a Beeeutiful Irish Day here!

Oh my little seeds look soaked and ready. Out comes the Food Processor in goo the seeds and a few ingredients. Result Nothing ! Hummm I ponder how did I do it last time. So I look up the Original recipe to note my equipment use. Hummm looks like I may have used the Magic Bullet .Out comes the Bullet and in go the seeds.

Ok now we are way beyond the What the Fudge Sickle stage. Out comes the Osterizer blender ! GRRRRRRRRR!

Then it dawns on me Hey Dumb Shit did you add the other ingredient's that make it smooth and light enough to whip? NO

Well it was at this point three blenders in that I decided that my seeds had traveled enough machines and I added the water, lemon juice to smooth it out. Bingo perfect!

Oh and Brown Sugar for the sweeter one. I am going to post the recipes on the Cooking Blog. 


  1. oh good, someone is going to teach me how to can. That is what I want to do this year!!!

    New follower from the Shoestring Manor. Nice to meet you!

  2. D. Preserving it is so easy. You picked the right time of year to start. There are so many good site's for idea's and know how. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Just do it!

  3. I have been doing that more often than I choose to admit! I did that with bread the other week...I forgot to add salt. Then another time I forgot to add something to my mayo. Another time I forgot to add the vanilla extract at the right time in one recipe. Lol. Your mustard looks wonderful. Do you buy your seeds online?

    1. LOL you make me laugh as the story goes. I get my seeds from a local Produce market that is like the united nations. It has every spice from every country. I adore this market. You can buy on line I use the Spice House if you buy on line get a variety of them . Yum tell me how it goes!


Thank you !