When it is a little off season

At this time of year I am at odd's on what to do. Yes there is so much. The garden is coming into it's own. The seed's need to be planted as the bulb's start to rise.

Apple's have been a great crop the past few month's. The colder the crisper. Great stuff. This week I have taken the time to dry stuff. I have a ton of tarragon and parsley in my garden. I made more Dill butter from last years crop of dill.

Today I'm making some Beef Jerky my butcher cuts the beef just right. It is good to have a butcher if it is available in your area.

I have also been staying busy re-vamping the Quilt room. It is fun when my day does not revolve around the local and seasonal fruit.

 Quiet is good in the kitchen. Oh but I have been baking up a storm . You need your sugar to get through the cold weather.


  1. Hello, I have your blog on my blog list, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, here is the post: http://www.shoestringmanor.com/2013/03/ive-been-nominated.html

  2. Aggie thank you very sweet of you. DO you Preserve?


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