Off to Fair 2013

Well a two weeks back I dropped my stuff off for the Fair.

Today I am going to stuff Gram-ma into her wheel chair no walker today I need speed. I want to go and see what Ribbon's I may have gotten. In my vast mind I think I should have gotten best of show. Like my stuff was a pure bred Maltese.
oday I am going to drag Mama's ass down to the Fair with me fill her full of fried food and see what Ribbon's we may have gotten.

Oui not this year!
My First Fair 2009
      Fair 2010 I can not find the picture for 2011
This year they are having the "Ball 2013 Fresh Preserving Award" They have never done it at our Fair so that is exciting. 

Ok I have horse and dog's to feed. Grandma to wake, feed and shower.


  1. Good luck! I cant wait until our fair in September. I entered a lot last year and won ribbons. I have been keeping my fair pretty jars separate all season, lol.

    1. Erica when is your Fair. It is so exciting what do you enter? I want Best of Show I am a big baby.


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