Homemade Mustard Recipe

Making homemade mustard has become a really great experience. I have taken it to a new level since I learned the first recipe.

I have really gotten good at adding different stuff so get creative once you get the hang of the mustard thing. 


A few tips. You can use any of many tools to grind the mustard. I have used my blender, my magic bullet and of course my food processor. 

Also there are basic ingredients and then some. As you get the hang of the recipe you will begin to add more stuff and creating new and exciting mustard's.

Whole mustard seed is a pantry must. Yellow and Brown. It is easy to keep in a jar and always on hand for making your mustard. I always have the basic yellow mustard seed. And now have added the black mustard seed to my pantry..

Ingredients for a Standard Yellow Mustard

6 tablespoons of yellow mustard seed
Enough vinegar to cover the seeds  +
 (cider, white or rice vinegar)
1 teaspoon  turmeric
1/3 cup of white wine
4 teaspoons of sugar
(I use brown in all my mustard's)

Place your mustard seeds in a bowl or jar and cover with vinegar.

I will put about a half inch more vinegar when covering the seeds they soak up the vinegar fast.

 Let the seed sit for 24 hours at room temperature.

Once soaked place your vinegar mixture into a blender of your choice. Add the wine and blend on high until you get the texture you like. Some like it smooth and I like a little crunch.

Once blended start to add your other ingredients until well blended.

Here I was experimenting in a bowl.


You may need to add a bit more liquid if it is to thick. 

Do not be scared to add different ingredients make it your won mustard. I added this dill from the garden last time. Great Stuff !

Once the mustard is blended the way you like it place in an air tight jar and let it sit for 3 days. Taste, tweak and store in a refrigerator there after. Your mustard will last approximately 3  months.

 Here is a bowl of the Standard Yellow Mustard

Here I have added some black mustard seed on the last blend in the blender to keep some of the seed whole and get the crunch. Soak some separate if you want to add them at the end. Always something when you become a Mad Canner!

My first mustard was a Sir Lanka Mustard. 

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes. 

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