What is a bean?

 There are many variety of beans but I am going to just touch on the few I have made myself.

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Adzuki - Small reddish Brown with a nutty sweet flavor

Black Beans - Small ovals with a deep black skin and a dark cream to gray flesh

Black-eyed beans - Kidney shaped. Theses are creamy shine in color with the little black spot on the rim. Scented aroma, creamy texture. These have a very distinctive flavor and one of my favorite.

Cranberry - Yup it is a bean with no relationship to the cranberry we use for Holiday dishes. They are sometimes called in Italy borlotti. Small round beans, ivory in color with red markings that disappear when cooked.

Garbanzo Beans -  Known as the chick pea is a part of the legume family. They are high in protein. These little bean's are so useful for all thing. They are tan in color and round in shape. They have a nutty flavor. It is often know as chick pea's. Dried chickpea's need a long cooking time. The skins disintegrate when cooked properly. Some variety can even be popped and used as popcorn.

Mature chick pea's can be cooked and eaten a variety of way's. In salad's is one of the most common way's. It is also ground up after cooked and made into hummus. Also very popular in Italian cooking. Pressure Canning is a great way to use these and have them on hand. 

Great Northern Beans - This is a white bean with a delicate flavor. They are small in size. They are used in soups, stews and casseroles. The thing that makes they different is their small size and uniform cream color. The taste is mild no matter eaten cool or hot. They are high in protein, fiber iron, magnesium and folate. They are low in calories.

Kidney Beans - Large red kidney shaped beans. Deep red color and a robust flavor full body and soft texture.

Lentils - Lentils beans come in a variety of colors yellow, green, brown, red-orange and black. They also come in different sizes.

Lima Beans - Flat shaped- creamy white rich and buttery

Navy Beans - Small white ovals. Mild in flavor with a powdery texture

Pink - These guys are related to the Kidney Bean. They are small pale pink and turn reddish brown when cooked. Really rich and slightly powdery texture. 

Pinto Beans - Well if you have eaten a burrito you have eaten a pinto bean. This bean is the most common in the US. They are small oval pink beans with red brown streaks or splotches. They are full of fiber and a mineral called molybdenum. They have the highest fiber then any other bean. Also high in protein.

Small Red - Dark red color similar to the Kidney Beans but tiny.

Split Pea's - These delicate little one's are split pea's this making them pretty in color because the peel comes off and the beauty is left. They come in yellow and green. These beans are most always use d to make split pea soup.

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