Prevent Hard Water Stains when Canning

Hard Water Stains on my jar's when Pressure Canning

To prevent hard water stains on the outside of your jar's is a simple task you just have to remember to do it prior to starting the canning process. Do not laugh it took a few time of "God Damit" after the first batch being circle stained for me to make it a habit. The reason is hard water so add 2 tablespoons of 5% Distilled Vinegar to the water prior to canning.

The jars to the left had no vinegar in the water thus the white cloudy ring. This in no way will harm your jars or food.


Any 5% vinegar will work. Put in in prior to warming your water or adding your jar's.  The jars with the potato's were Pressure Canned with the vinegar added to the canner.

 Wa La Simple and Easy Tip enough said !

National Center for Home Preservation is the place to go for information and safety information

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