Lemon, Limes and What Not

Well it is truly the Lemon season out here in California right now.

I had a bumper crop of what I thought were Meyer Lemons. Come to find out with the drought and my frugal watering my poor little Meyer's are more like Lime's.

The more I sliced them the greener they got. But as most of us will do, we want to use all fruit and veggies even if it means we create a new Jam. The little Fake Lime's are so tart you can barely lick without your whole face going into a contortion.

So as I juiced them I tried to think of different thing I could use them for. They are tart beyond tart!

Look how green the juice is. 

On a brighter note we are cranking out some killer Marmalade with these Lemon I got from a friend in another county.

 She has a gorgeous Lemon tree on her front lawn that is stuffed full of beautiful lemo

I was lucky enough to get a bag full. I took a class up in Oakland at the June Taylor's Still Room. The class was informative and full of idea's. 

 Well enjoy your week and I will tell you how this Marmalade turn's out.

This is a picture of my first marmalade on some of my homemade toast!

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