Recipe for Home Made Hummus

Hummus good for you and easy to make.

I have been pressure canning Garbanzo Beans for quite a while. This year rather than put my beans into a broth I did it clean just water and a seasoning with no salt.

I have decided to make my own Hummus. So easy ! Many Hummus people like the skinless beans but I like the natural vitamins and fiber I get from the skins. And seriously the skins are not even there once you spin this up.

Let us get started by gathering your ingredients. I use a food processor to make my hummus it is the easiest and all in one for me.


1 16 ounce jar of garbanzo beans the link is to can your own!
Tahini 1/4 cup
Juice from one large lemon or 1/4 cup

1 Garlic clove chopped
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Half teaspoon of cumin and salt  
3 tablespoons of cold water

Gather all your ingredients together prior to starting having them ready is the key to enjoyment when cooking! 

First chop your garlic into small bit's. I like to let you make recipes the way you prefer. If you like larger chopped garlic than do it! Make it your own.

Put your garbanzo bean,  into your food processor process them for 1 minute until you can see they have broken up. The mixture will get smoother as items are added. 

Next add the tahini, with each item mix for one minute now lemon juice, and garlic and now your olive oil, water and cumin. Spin for the last two minutes and let it sit for a few. Go back and taste it and add want you think will make it better for "You" 

Here is my final bowl. Below you see the container with some smoked paprika on the top for added decoration.

This has a dusting of Smoked Paprika and it is going to game day!

Tweaked from the recipe at Inspired Taste

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