Butter to get rid of the Foam in Jam

Butter in my Jam what the heck? Does butter work to rid your jam of foam? Foam no one likes it in their jam but with many types of jam it is a given you will get foam. I have done the deed and tested the "butter" for no more or less foam in your jam test.

Yes it works it will eliminate or cut your foam down a lot.

 BUT .....  yup always a BUT

Why do I not use the ole' butter trick ? Well to be honest my Granma use to skim the foam and save it while she was making jams. Once she got the jam started she would always have some fresh buttermilk biscuits and that foam with a slab of butter was Heaven !

There is no testing to prove that it is safe in jam making. It is "said" even the smallest amount of butter can cause your jam to spoil sooner.

And really are we that lazy that we can not take the time to skim. The foam is delicious in so many way's. And the only thing they say that I found is that the foam is just plain ugly in a jam jar.

Here is a link on the what and why is there foam

How you can use your foam

  • Pop on top of warm biscuit
  • Mix with Cream Cheese for flavored cream cheese (thank you neighbor Nancy)
  • Put into a blender with your soft ice cream instant flavored shake or re-freeze for Popsicle
  • Microwave the foam on high but watch it when it comes out it is a beautiful syrup or just more jam.
So nay say-ers We Love Foam. It is a Foam Revolution! 

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