How to smash your fruit for Canning

There are two tool's I use for smushing my fruit in jam's. I know smushing is not a word but it is as close as this girl can get. I love my jams with pieces of fruit that can pop in your mouth. Jam is something that deserves real pieces of fruit.

So back to the topic. What I use to thin out the fruit you ask?  The potato smasher that is my go to when I do not want to loose the quality of great jam pieces. I use this for most of my berry jam's.

To the right you see where I used it to smash my peaches that I used in my Blueberry Peach Jam. I sliced the peaches but need them broken down just a bit more. The potato smasher was perfect for his jam.

Here I just worked around the lemons. Yuppers I just slice those beauties and in they go. this way I get the pectin, and real lemon flavors.

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