Testing Testing it's all About the Sugar!

Well it sure is the time to start planning your in Season Preserving. I have had a whirl wind of a year and it is only half started. But a I was walking down from the barn a little pomegranate bloom talked to me.

Canarella get to canning the season is starting and before you know it it will be time to pick us! Now Go Girl Go!

With that said another sign that I am late getting the season started is that the Washington Fruit Board called to let me know that my first delivery of their fresh cherries is on it's way! That is always a great way to start the canning season.

 And always an Honor to be asked to be a Canbassador!

This year I am going to try a new approach. Many a customer has asked if I do low or no sugar jam. GOD FORBID! I know I am one of those do not fix it unless it is broken but this year I have had a change of heart. Low Sugar here I come.

Oh Why Ms. Canrella?

Because everyone deserves to slather my jam's across a toasted piece of baked goody. 

I have done a lot of research and to start and make sure I get the right gel out of the jam's I will try a pectin called Pomona Universal Pectin. There website is deliciously simple. Well follow my progress as we attempt to go Low. How low can we go!

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