Canbassador Recipes

I am truly blessed to have people and companies reach out to me with regards to canning. What an honor. People being the top of the list. My jam's have garnished me many compliment and many a curious mind on the how to and the how delicious. This is the reason I do post all my recipes so the curious and the expert alike can make any of my jam's or other concoctions.

Now the Companies that have reached out well that is a huge honor. The Washington Fruit Commission  in conjunction with Sweet Preservation have given me the honor of being one of their Canbassador's. Many a Canbassador has gone before me ad it is truly fun. To be able to create recipes from their ripe fruit is so much fun.

Each year they send me the best cherries I have ever tasted. I have to get to canning right away as they are so fresh and so is my hubby's appetite for good fruit. They also send peaches, nectarines and apricots.

Here are the recipes I came up with for the ...

Beautiful Cherries.

Cherry Blueberry Jam
Cherry Cinnamon Ginger Jam
Cherry Madagascar Vanilla Jam
Cherry Marmalade 

Now on to those Big Peaches

Peach Blueberry jam
Peach Pie Filling by the Pint 
Peach Vanilla Bean Jam
Peach Raspberry Jam

Last but Not Least the Nectarines

Nectarine Butter 
Brandy Roasted Nectarine Compote with Golden Raisin's
Nectarine Marmalade

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