Cinnamon the Truth

Well as promised this year is the year of research. Not daily but when it effects the taste of my jam and preserved food we will discuss it. Cinnamon have we really tasted the true flavor of this spice. We use it on so many thing that we probably just take for granted there is only one True Cinnamon. Wrong people there is not. There are many types of cinnamon. Today we will talk about the main two.

First we will define the two types then we will compare.

There are two cinnamon's most common to all. They are the true Cinnamon which is Ceylon. Then  it's cousin the one we use here in America and Canada is Cassia. Yes it is Cinnamon but not the pure Cinnamon. Cassia on the right is the cousin of Ceylon. Do not get me wrong they are both the bark of two different evergreen tree's BUT here is the difference

                                          Ceylon                                       Cassia

COLOR                            Light Brown                                   Dark Brown
STICK                     thin, soft and rolled tight                thick, hard and hollow
TASTE                             Sweet                                                    Flat
ORIGIN                        Sri Lanka                                    China, Vietnam, Indonesia
AROMA                    Delicate and Rich                            Pungent and Strong
COUMARIN                0.0004 %                                                    5%
COST                          $2.00 per ounce                                   $1.00 per ounce
USED IN                  Europe and Mexico                              USA and Canada

I know your next question is What is Coumarin. Here is an article about that if I got to involved it would go off topic. Let's just say your liver hates it!  But it does come in naturally and normal use with "real" Ceylon Cinnamon your safe.

Now let's not give Cassia Cinnamon a bad name although it is called the Bastard Cousin of Ceylon Cinnamon. I read an article in the 1999 Martha Steward Living Magazine. This is the article that made me think about this so very versatile spice and the differences between it and it's cousin. There are many type's of Cinnamon but to get the true taste which most of us growing up on the cheap stuff would probably not even like. Do your self a favor and research everything you put into your body you might be surprised at the information you find !

But more important is do not think of this Cinnamon in your pantry as an imposter it is cinnamon just a family member not the true spice we never knew.

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