The 411 on Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract there is nothing better in anything you create than "Pure" . I have preached this sermon endlessly to everyone I know and everyone who uses my Pure Vanilla Extract. And yes I am saying "Pure" over and over I can not tell you enough but let us get down to the facts.

The FDA does not have or should I say has very lenient labeling laws. The reason is that they can make sure all that Fructose Corn Syrup is getting into your body. Lets just go with the most popular brand on the Big Box Shelves McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract. It is what you use no issues I use to use it endlessly for all things baked.

Here is your recipe to make your Vanilla Extract.

The Product that was studied was Mc Cormick Pure Vanilla Extract

So the one thing you need to know is that to make Pure Vanilla Extract all you need are two ingredients Vanilla Beans and Vodka/Rum. In store bought varieties there is Vanilla Bean extractive's. Now, add to the What you need to know Dictionary what is "pure" by the FDA Standards. Well, it is stated as long as you have extracted from pure vanilla beans. So pure just means the flavor. I tell you they get you every time. This is why it is so important to make sure you do your homework!

Decoding Labels McCormick Pure vanilla Extract.  this is an interesting article and has a lot of information. And it seemed that the label on one box of the "Pure" Vanilla Extract had Corn Syrup while another at a different store did not. How fricken strange is that???

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