2017 a NewYear with New Challenges

Challenges such a big word. This year I have decide to keep my challenges to one at a time. I find myself making so many great challenges and project's but I seem to walk one way and forget the other way has a challenge.

Well in January I joined the 2017 Challenge at the Food In Jars site. January had a marmalade challenge this was right up my alley.
I have made several Marmalade's they are one of my favorite to cook.
A bit time consuming but worth every minute!

The jar to the right is Kumquat Marmalade it was so good! 

I also made a batch of Preserved Lemons for this month.

I even got a Crock of Sauerkraut going.

Well I made it through the January Challenge with out a hitch but this February one will be challenging and fun. Preserving with Salt!today I choose to try the Citrus Salt this seemed fairly simple. I have coarse Sea Salt and plenty of citrus from the yard and neighbor's. So I will be using some lemons and I will attempt to use some tangelo's from my brother. They might be a bit harder because they are so soft and to ??? might prove challenging. HEY there it is the word Challenge !!

So I noticed that it was easier for me to use my peeler to get the peel off the tangelo's.

And if any of you are regular follower's you know I had zest in the freezer but do not dis pare I got fresh because I did not want any added moisture. The picture is just to show you new people you can freeze it and it comes in really handy for jams and cooking.

I just store it in little jar's I save.

Ok the little lemon on the right is so over my stuff let us get right to the recipe.

What you will need is a tray I use a cookie sheet and some parchment paper for the zest and salt mixture to rest on while drying. Take a 1/2 cup of citrus and a half cup of any coarse or flaky salt. I use Sea Salt.

Take you citrus zest and mix it thoroughly with the salt place it on the cookie sheet. I use gloves when ever I make anything in my kitchen because I know people will be putting it in their mouth and clean is my middle name.  Let the mixture dry for 24 hours then place it into a container until you are ready to use. Make sure it is completely dry prior to sealing it in a jar.

Citrus Salt Link from Food in Jar's

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