Pectin to use or not to use Pectin

Now I am the first to say "Yes" I used Pectin for many a year's when I first started to preserve food.  I did not see myself ever getting jam to set. I do not make Jelly although that may change this month of March coming upon us. I am a jam girl and with that I have learn-ed through trial and many a class and information from so very many sources I now make my jam's Pectin Free. Going Pectin free is not always easy but there is one central idea and that is

Most products including Commercial Pectin have deities of Corn which means

Sure Gel Ingredients : Dextrose , Citrus Acid , Fruit Pectin

The Dextrose and the Citrus Acid are "typically" GMO based and and are derived from corn. So when looking at the box the fruit pectin is no issue it is the dextrose and citrus acid are . Also if you are like me the amount of sugar you are required to use to get a good set with boxed pectin is unbelievable. it is 5 to 8 cups of sugar per batch. and your batch of jam is only using a 2 to 4 cup ratio. That is up to 85% of your jam bring sugar.

I pride myself on the fact that we use all natural citrus pectin in all my recipes. I did start out using commercial pectin in my jam's but soon realized the impact it had on the taste of the jam's and my waistline.

Well what about low sugar pectin's. Same thing but worse.

Sure Gel Low Sugar Ingredient's : (GMO corn) dextrose, fruit pectin, numeric acid, sodium citrate.

Ball Real Fruit Classic Pectin Ingredients : Dextrose (GMO Corn) and what is Assists Gel?????

Now in spite of all this there is the Pomona Pectin that is claimed all natural pectin less sugar. yes I have used this also and the only reason to not use it is that the Citrus that they use for the pectin is from citrus that has been sprayed with all kinds of pesticides.

Look I am just on a journey to get all the information on what we can and how to do it safely. We all are getting back to the basic for the last 10 year's and I think fact's are important. Needy to say what ever you decide to do it is all good no matter what you just need to make sure you are informed.

Just a few words on the Pomona Pectin so far the best thing for you to use if you are concerned about chemical's. This Pectin is all natural using Low Methoxyl Pectin. This is extracted from the peels of the citrus fruit. You see Pectin consists of a complex set of polysaccharides that are present in most primary cell walls of plants. LM Pectin is synergistic wit the Locust Bean Um. It is typically used in low calories jellies and low sugar content products. You can order straight Low Methoxyl Pectin itself from The Modernist Pantry. I use this site for alot of my Cooking Ingredients.

Information comes from The Healthy Home Economist

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