Homemade Champagne Vinegar

Champagne Vinegar another easy DIY project. And the list of vinegar's that we can make at home seem endless. I will be doing a post on Mother of Vinegar itself. As simple as I make it sound the theory is complex. And we all know I love information.

So I purchased this Mother of Vinegar from Amazon.There are many sites I just prefer this site to other's.

Ingredients and Tool's

Small crock or large wide mouth mason jar
Cheese Cloth
String or rubber band to secure cheese cloth onto vessel
8 oz of Mother of Vinegar
24 ounces of Champagne

The ingredients are simple just follow along. I have made a simple 1:3 ratio. That is for a small batch you have 8 ounces of Vinegar Mother to 24 ounces of Champagne.

Clean your vessel and pour the 8 oz. of Vinegar Mother into the container.  Next you add your Champagne don't stir it you do not want to disturb your mother. Next you need to add your Champagne. It is not a lot of liquid it looked pretty puny to me but I like to start small before I make large batches.

No need to stir the liquid you do not want to break up the Mother.

Once all the liquids are combined cover the crock with a double thick cheese cloth. I use a rubber band it is easy and solid seal.

The cheese cloth will let the vinegar breath but will not let the fruit flies or any other flying object get in. The purpose of the cheese cloth is it let's the air flow through and no little flying pests get in. Check your crock weekly. You will loose a small amount to evaporation but not much.

Put the container in a dark cool place. I put mine in my pantry. 

Your vinegar will be ready in 6 weeks. Mark the calendar I have forgotten my mixture a few times and come back to dried out rings of red or just a dried out crock! Waaaa

Testing to make sure your vinegar is done is simple. Just take a small piece of bread and dunk it and taste. The bread cut's the acid and makes it easier to taste. I also dip a spoon to coat and taste to get the real taste. Once the time is up you can take the vinegar and strain it. I take the cheese cloth and put it around a small bowl using the same rubberband with just enough give that the vinegar goes right down. Do this slowly you want to keep the mother for your next batch of vinegar.

Ok back to the Champagne Vinegar . Now that it is strained and the Mother is safe. Put your vinegar into glass bottles. I save them from all sort of stuff and ask neighbor's to save there bottle's for me.

The Mother for this Vinegar is light unlike the Mother we use for the Balsamic Vinegar.

The Mother Vinegar I purchased for my balsamic is from Preserved in Oakland it is a lot more gelatin like. Here is the link if you would like to order from them they are the best and have everything for Preserving Food

Here is my finished product and the Champagne Vinegar is delightful. The taste is sweet yet pungent. I hope you enjoy this process it is pretty easy!

I am personally so pleased when I can make something at home and know what is in it!  It really is endless I find so many new thing in the groups I belong to on and off the Internet. I have found that it is not if a person is going to preserve food they all seem to want to know about the process and the results. Oh and that is true when you can give them a spoonful of that love!

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