Canbassador Recipes

I thought it might be a nice thing to give you the recipes I have been able to create from the beautiful fruit I get from The Washington State Fruit Commission each Season. A few years back I was asked to participate in the Canbassador Program they have. It is a great program and the websites have so many delicious recipes and information about their fruit. Plus there are links to various sites that give you even more. That would include recipes for meal's you can make with the delicious fruit.

Beginning around mid June I get Cherries the size of my big beautiful brown eye's. (Indeedy) Then throughout the summer I receive Peaches, Nectarines and what not. In turn for receiving the fruit I delight in making recipes for them and for you to try and enjoy just as well.

Blueberry Cherry Jam
Cherry with Cinnamon & Ginger
Cherry Jam with Fresh Vanilla Bean
Cherry Marmalade 

Peach Jam  
Peach Conserve
Peach Pie Filling
Peach with Blackberry
Peachy Keen Blueberry Jam
Strawberry Peach Jam

Nectarine Butter
Nectarine Raspberry
Nectarine Marmalade

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