Making Vanilla Power

This is a reasonably easy task but time consuming. I have noticed that so many thing's take a bit of patience and elbow grease. But if it were so easy everyone would do it.

I make Vanilla Extract "Pure" that is. When I have gotten all the vanilla I can for the extract I will dry the beans for power. I also take the gooey vanilla from the pods and reuse that also. That is another post.

Another great thing to do with your used Vanilla Pod's is Vanilla Sugar a forever sugar. I will buy sugar cubes and just put Vanilla Pod's in.There are so many ways to use your Vanilla Pod's once they have done there best work.

The main thing is to get your vanilla beans dried out. I have done this with out scraping and scraping either way it is the same out come. Today I will give you a short lesson. I will not bother you with scraping as it all comes out in the end to the same powder.

I use my dehydrator to dry the beans it is fast and convenient and I won't forget about them.  Make sure they are bone dry. By this you should be able to snap them in half. Once this is accomplished you can move to the next step.

Grinding and crushing I tried this many different way and will explain each just a little. Once the pod's are dried to the snap then we can grind. The first method I used was a small spice grinder it is my little hand held one. It is only a bout 2 inches in diameter but it really does a great job in grinding to a powder texture.

This grinds them up to a finer texture but not what I want to cook or to add to my recipes or Jam's.

So once they are done in the chopper I will put them in to my Mortar and pestle to grind as I wish. I just keep it on the counter and when I can will do some grinding by hand until it comes to a fine power.

I use this powder for so many thing's. Baking, Ice Cream making, Jam's the list again is endless.

Always remember prior to throwing anything you use in the kitchen
away think about how else you can use it. From paper to food it can all most likely be re-used or re-purposed. 

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