Making Jam in a Copper Pot

Copper Pans it is an endless voice of knowledge you find on the Internet but all worth the time and effort when making your own jam's. You always want to be safe.

Yes many a cook and beginners do not get the jam leap! Why ?  Fear of poising someone or just plain getting someone sick. If you follow the  instructions they give you in most canning book's you will make good jam. But when in doubt please research.

Over the last 10 + years I have done a ton of research and still find so much I need to do to make safe and delicious jam's.

With that let us get started on Unlined Copper Pan talk. Here are the concerns.

A. High Acid Fruit/lemon

I do not make my Marmalade's in a Copper pan. Oh why ? Well they are high acid and that does not get along with unlined copper pans. Unlined copper reacts to any high acid mixture.  Yes, for year's people in Europe made jam's with copper pans with no problem. BUT this modern day advice is well worth taking. Now keep in mind that the low amount of lemon you put into your jam's mixture is not enough to get any reaction from your copper pot. An example is I use 1/4 cup of lemon to approximately 8 to 10 cups of fruit. This small amount of lemon is okie dokie. Acid and Copper are a no no !

B. Cooking Fruit without added Sugar:

It is "said" and I do not quote anyone or link to sites.  I notice most site's link to sell or promote other sites. So with that. It is said that you need to make sure that your fruit is mixed with the sugar prior to heating it in a copper pan. This is true. Never macerate or warm the fruit in the copper pan with out adding the sugar prior. For those of you who use any pectin product this is nearly impossible so stick with a good stainless steel pot.

C. Copper Toxicity

Copper is good for us but bad when in large amount's. It is all scientific.  So what amount is safe and what will get you sick is for you to research I am only giving you tips on Jam Making and the Unlined Copper Pot!

Now that we have gotten through that I hope you will explore the options of Copper Pans with your jam making. If you make smaller batches there are options for smaller copper pans. It is a worthwhile investment (Mauviel Copper Pot) and worth it for the jam's you make will be glorious!

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes.

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