New Beginnings

Well the month of April will be bringing us many tasks to take on here at Canarella. We have gotten our CFO (Cottage Food Operator) Business license. What does this me for you and I. Well, to start we are going to be able to take our delicious Jams, Preserves and Butter on the road to feed this wonderful jam eating community.

Got the LLC this will protect our little home!  I also had to get a few labels approved this was a bit harder then I thought. I am going to start a portion of this blog on How to Start a Cottage Food Business there is more to it than they tell you!

I have been super busy the first thing I am trying to do is get some partnerships going. This task is not an easy here in California we are very Small Business orientated but no one wants to sell small batch amount's it just is not in there Selling DNA. I get it but next week I am going on a Fruit Stand and Farm run. I am going to hit every stand from here to Ojai!

Asd I had startted on this adventure I notoed that there are not very many people who are helpful or iterested in helping new people to get information or just brainstporming. Well I think I will go do my first How to Post on CFO!But I am thinling fo doing this on a serperate post. this way I can make it an on-gping tutorial. Oh my gosh I can also utuby it! Brillianty.

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