Dehydrated Jalapeno Peppers

I use these little devils all the time so when the season is right I dehydrate as many as possible to carry me through the winter when they are not around locally. So I picked 4 to 5 pounds of them from two different yards. I am really happy when I get these because I use them so much. Yes I am Spice-head...I know I should go to Spice rehab or Spicy anonymous but I think the denial is just to big.....

So I have a little dehydrator from a garage sale  $5.00 sweet.  I am a bargain hunter from the get go....

So I chopped them fresh each day as many as I could pack into the little dryer.
I try to keep the size the same on the slices and not to thick not to thin.
The ends of the peppers (not the stem) it is the last oh say 1/2 to 1/4 inch of the end of the pepper- I put in to Tupperware and when I am all done I do something with them each year it is something different. This year I canned them into little half pint jam jars and covered them with Honey Syrup left from the Plums...moving on

Once they have dried which usually took over night 8-16 hours . I would take them and spread them on a plate or paper towel for a few days. I think this really gets all the moisture out. I am one who is never to cautious when it comes to germs....or mold....etc.

Once they are thoroughly dry I popped them in yet another little jar I snagged at a flea market in Ventura....God bless Garage sales, Flea markets and well I have to admit things in trash cans......

 Now I have them all winter till next season I would say it is a proportion of 10 to 12 slices equal a pepper.....yummy