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This is where I will post my Tip's , Do It Yourself and stuff that is important in one way or another. It is always being updated I seem to learn something new every time I preserve, dehydrate, can, or create something. xoxo

Preserving Tip's and How To's

Beans what are they?
Bottles re-Use them
Brown Fruit what to do 
Butter for Foam in Jams
Capsaicin what is it?  
Definition's A to Z
Floating Fruit ways to prevent this
Foam in my Jam ? 
What is the best tomato to dehydrate?
Gel Point of Jam 
Hard Water Stain's 
Ice bath for pickles prior to pickling WHY?
Jar Label's FREE 
Lid's Preparing them for canning
Maheb the Spice for Bread &Butter Pickles
Mother of Vinegar 
Pectin the 411 on this powder
Pectin make your own
Pectin Calculator 
Picking Ingredients  
Pickling Spices 
Picking Spices home made  
PIT'S Do Not Use Them
Preparing your Jars for canning
Preserving Safety  
Remove the ring/twist after water-bath
Sectioning Citrus for Marmalade
Set is my jam? 
Smashing your fruit for jam 
Terms and What does it mean 
Thinning fruit for jam  
What is Mother of Vinegar 
What is that Foam in my Jam  
What to do with my Foam from my Jam
Why did my Jam not set?
What is Jam, Preserves, Chutney and all that stuff

Pressure Canning Tip's and How To's

How do I know when jam is set?

Beans and types of  
Beef - Pressure Canning Meat 
Can I use Dairy in my Soup ? 
Hard Water Stains on my Jars
Preparing your Jars for Pressure canning
Pressure Canning Safety 
NO Dairy when Pressure Canning 
Soaking and Cleaning your beans 

Home Stuff

Canning lids and rims re-purposed
Clean and Season Cast Iron 
Clothes Line   
Wax - Removing it from Fabric
Wooden Spoon Butter (Conditioner)   

Dishes and Laundry 

The 411 on Dish Washing Soap 
Clothes Line
DIY Fabreze
Fabric Softener
Homemade Washing Soda 
Laundry Detergent

Why is one lemon different?

Dill Butter
Freezing Buttermilk 
Freezing Lemons 
Freezing Parsley
Gotta have Good Honey
Sectioning Citrus for Jam





Egg Shells (Snail Murder) 
Natural Weed Killer