DIY & Info

This is where I will post my Tip's , Do It Yourself and stuff that is important in one way or another. It is always being updated I seem to learn something new every time I preserve, dehydrate, can, or create something. xoxo

Preserving Tip's and How To's

Bottles re-Use them
Brown Fruit what to do 
Capsaicin what is it?  
Floating Fruit ways to prevent this
Foam in my Jam ? 
Frozen Fruit for Canning Jam
Gel Point of Jam 
Ice bath for pickles prior to pickling WHY?
Jar Label's FREE 
Lid's Preparing them for canning
Maheb the Spice for Bread &Butter Pickles
Pectin make your own
Pickling Spices 
PIT'S Do Not Use Them
Preparing your Jars for canning
Preserving Safety  
Remove the ring/twist after water-bath
Sectioning Citrus for Marmalade
Set is my jam Set?