Canbassador Recipes

Canbassador you say what a funny word. But to any of us that have had the honor to serve the Washington Fruit Commission in the past find it an Honor and a Privilege to serve you some of the
best jams we can create.

Every year I have the privilege to host many a Cherry and Stone Fruit in my home to create a few  Jam recipes. I have also created a few Cherry Shrub's that go quite well with a drink or two or three.

I have compiled the recipes I have made in the last few years with the Fruit Washington has sent me.

Looking forward to what I am going to create this and every year. It is a wonderful challenge to come up with something sweet and keep " The Cherry as the Star in the Jar"!

Thank you NW Cherry Growers

Cherry Jam's

Balsamic Cherry Jam
Cherry Blueberry Jam
Cherry with Crystallized Ginger Jam 
Cherry Maple Jam 
Cherry Marmalade 
Cherry Strawberry Jam
Cherry Jam with Cinnamon and Ginger
Cherry Jam with Vanilla Bean 
Italian Plum and Cherry Jam
Very Berry Cherry Jam 

Cherry Shrubs

Cherry-Mint  Shrub

Here is a great link on some facts about Northwest Cherries and other Washington Fruit.

Now moving on to stone fruit as the star of our next jar. Many of our Stone Fruit also comes from the beautiful state of Washington!


Italian Plum with Cherries
Italian Plum with Pear and Ginger


Peach Jam
Peach Blackberry Jam
Peach Jam with Blackberries
Vanilla Peach Jam 
Peach Cobbler or Pie Filling 
Peach Strawberry Jam


Brandy Soaked Nectarine Compote
Nectarine Marmalade
Nectarine Raspberry Jam

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