Jalapenos in Honey Syrup

These are left from the dehydrating
So what do you do with those pesky little left over pieces of jalapeno that you have from dehydrating? Wait a minute I think we have left over honey syrup from our plums.....Oh you used all yours smart....I am not so good my problem is I am to how do you say annal picky-ish. Anywho you know I made the plums and there is always left over syrup so yup I did it. I took those little pesky leftovers and popped them in half pint jars and wala four jars of Jalapenos in Honey Syrup.

I stuffed them in the jars just the way they are
Yup there was just enough honey syrup left from the Plums and Jalapenos from the dehydrating  So here is a way to waste nothing even left over syrup and take it to the edge. This is going to be great over fish or chicken on the BBQ......
So sexy