About Us

Hello and thank you so much for visiting our home for all things preservable (Is that a word?). 

In 1972 we began to dabble in canning or call it preserving. My  Grama Lois was an excellent preserver of food and at the age of 14 she started to give me the basic's. Grama Lois had a root cellar that was filled year around and could easily feed the United States Marine Corp. Yes, times have changed but the general rules still apply.

I had no idea that it would bring us to this point in or lives when all things became how we might preserve food.

We have turned this into jam-tastic adventure! And the more we ferment, pressure can, make my own Vanilla Extract, Vinegar Varieties the list is endless. We have many DIY home cleaner's to DIY Furniture redo's. It is endless what you can do with a little bit of creativity.

We try at all times to go organic but have found that now days this can be a tricky subject because the guidelines are not set in stone. Thus, we have made a point to buy local or grow it in our own garden. We are blessed with a yummy yard and as a family we encourages all things Canarella. But please do not let any of the political bullshit stop you. Learn to preserve food and make your season last. Organic or not just wash you food and start a cannin'.

If you have a recipe or DIY you would like me to share please just email canarella @ sbcglobal.net it to us with or without pictures and it will be posted on this site!

Thank you and God Bless America!