Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde this is a great side to have for any party or gathering. I having been canning up a storm for any of you who don't know I love cooking and canning.

Here is the story I know it is a bit winded!


I made a batch of red salsa a few months ago but was dismayed with it. But this batch I think is good. The history is we eat at a little Mexican restaurant down the street for years. So every time I go in I ask for the recipe for the Salsa Verde and each time she gives me just a bit never the whole thing. Finally on my B day she gave me what I think was the last parts of the recipe. Her last words were "miss yanie you no have des ting we have to grind da red peepers in" oh yes I do Missy I got it when I took the cooking class in New Mexico now I may have never used it but I have one god dam it, sooo I go home and try it. Well two days later seven trips to the Mexican market, endless dishes flying and being washed the motor to the food processor is smokin and try to go to the Mexican market speaking English not a good thing when I'm trying to get the produce boy to help me. This young man is looking like a curious dog tipped head and the things he pointed to told me he did not know what I needed.

So I ask the guys behind the meat counter that holds large pigs feet, goat intestine and other things that are delicious until ya know what they are ....ugggg ...but these guys start talking in Spanish and I know they are saying they would like to take me home undress me and take advantage of me and I'm just smiling while they grin. Twenty mintes later I go to the lady in front maybe just maybe she can help? I ask her some questions and she says you need to spend 5 dollars to use the debit card for god sake I did not even purchase anything yet
HELP I'm in Spanish hell and cant get out!!!!!!!!!

So grill, peel, cook and then add spices a bit of this then a little bit of that. So I took the my dried red peppers and put them on the grill and POOF up they went like a dried out Christmas tree. I was suppose to grind them in the what cha ma call it. So yup back to the Mexican store and every time I went in back they all just stood shaking there head and I was just laughing as usual. Now I'm at the point of canning. When I first made it it was so hot that it would have blown grown mans head off. Not funny so three pounds of tomatillos later plus a few key ingredients that the owner of the market told me about and wala yummy Salas Verde. Here is the recipe and some pictures. I'm going to share my cookery with you guys now my measurement are as accurate as they told me.

Salsa Verde al la Lani
Makes approximately 12- 1/2 pint or 8 pint

3 pounds pf tomatillos grilled
4 Jalapenos peppers grilled
4 Serrano peppers grilled
4 garlic cloves whole grilled
1/2  cup fresh lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar
1/2 tablespoon of ground turmeric
1 tablespoons of fresh chopped oregano
1 tablespoon fresh chopped cilantro
2 finely ground dried Los Arboles Chilies
1 teaspoon chicken bullion granules
1/2 cube Achiote (Mexican paste)
1/4 cup of sugar
2 finely chopped white onions

I find the grilling is what gives this Salas Verde it's great taste.....and I just love grilling

Ok so grill the Tomatillos, jalapenos and serrano's.
Remove from the grill take the stems only off the tomatillo's
Do the same with the peppers and peel.
Once they are all stemmed and peeled pop them into the food processor with the garlic to chop...do not loose any juices just pour them in a  large pot. .

Chop the onions, cilantro, oregano add to the pot and with the rest of the ingredients cook all for an hour. I let mine sit for the day and simmer.......

The Achiote (Mexican paste) gives the salsa a distinct color and really a authentic taste. I got the tip from the man who runs one of the biggest Mexican markets in Ventura County and it really does make a difference. It takes a while for it to break down so soak it in some liquid prior to putting it in your pot. 

Now this may seem silly but with my Salsa Verde I put it  in the refrigerator over night. I find it better the next day to warm it back up prior to canning it ....taste and add what you may think it needs.
Sometimes you want a bit more spicy.....try it ....This way if you need to add anything you can once you have the recipe the way you like it make sure you have written down anything you have added.

Either way you will need to fill your jars to 1/4 inch from the top, wipe the rim, cap and give them a water bath of at least 15 minutes.

This is a Ribbon Winner two years in a row.....................Good Luck and enjoy


  1. Man, that sounds good! I don't have a grill, wonder if I can use my broiler in the oven? I wonder if it's very hot because Jalapenos is usually my limit - are the Serranos hotter or milder (I forgot!) ... and I probably won't find the dried Los Arboles chiles (I never heard of them before) but I could just use the chiles I have available and see what I can come up with over here in "nowhere's land" Lakeland, GA ;-) Thanks for the (kind of) recipe - it gives me a guideline as to how to start...

    If shipping weren't so dog gone high, I'd just order some from you instead LOL

    All I can say, you have a lucky family to be around your fine cooking/baking/canning/jamming/kitchen skills and they'd better appreciate you properly, especially at Christmas time - and you can pass it on LOL

  2. Doris, serranos tend to be mild peppers. the woodier in appearance - brown lines, the hotter the jalepenos are. :)

    So when you say you 'can' it, do you process it in a hot water bath, if so, for how long? If not, do you just 'hot seal' it? Or use it up right away??

    Sorry, I need to know because I'm hping to get a bumper crop of tomatillos and need to preserve! :) Thanks so much!!!

  3. Alas, there is one issue with the recipe.. 1/2 a cube of Achiote? what is that? All of the Achiote paste I have ever seen comes in one huge cube. I didn't put half of that in, but I did probably put a quarter of it in.. which made my green salsa completely red. It still tastes delish, but it ain't salsa verde. Now it is salsa roja. how big of a cube are you talking about?

  4. I made this today. There is one thing in the recipe that I believe is easily misinterpreted: half a cube of achiote paste? All of the Achiote paste I see online as well as in the store comes as ONE 15 oz. cube. If I were to put 1/2 of that in there, I am sure that is not correct. I put about a quarter of the cube in there, and now I don't have salsa verde. Now I have salsa roja. Exactly what size cube are you referring to, Lani?

  5. Hey doug sorry for the delay in the answer I have been taking care of my mama. I use a half a cube. It did not turn my verde red! Hum did you see the picture I did use a half a cube. I am going to remake this in the next few weeks the tomatillos are almost ready to pcik and I will personally get this right. Thanks


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