Plums in Jalapeno Honey Syrup

So I went to the neighbors tree the house is empty and the fruit is abound. Well i came home with a bucket of fresh off the tree Santa Rosa plums. The beauty of picking your own is the size varies which makes it really good for canning whole fruit. When you need a small fruit to just top of the jar it is there. I find that most of the fruit beyond all the crap they use to grow it are all the same size, shape and taste.euuu...Farmers markets and pick your own is the best.
So I search the Internet and there is literally nothing on canning whole plums with a twist. So first I went to my go to website Canning-Food-Recipes.com  for some information on plums in general then I found a recipe on Bees and Chicks and in their Garden to Kitchen pages is a great recipes for plum stuff and a link to some others.If you want to start out easy no spices go to Food In Jars she has the original idea.

Plums in Jalapeno Honey Syrup

This will make you 6 quarts and 2 pints ( I make two smaller jars to test prior to opening the quarts)

The plums I use are various sizes 

For your jars
Approximately 4 quarts/16 cups of cleaned whole plums
1 tbs of dried jalapeno per jar

For your Syrup
10 cups of water
4 1/2 cups of honey
In a pot bring your water to a boil turn it down and slowly adds your honey. Keep stirring until it is well combined. Now turn the heat to low while you prep your jars. 

Clean your plums and take the stems off. Place 1 tablespoon of your dried jalapenos in the bottom of each jar. Pack you plums half way up - Squash them tight - Put the remaining jalapeno in and finish packing your plums.

Now fill your jars with your syrup. Fill them to 1/2" from the top of your jars. I know when we do jams it is a 1/4" from the top. Go figure.Wipe the rims of your jars clean of any sticky stuff, pop the lids and rings. Make sure the rings are on tight. Once a batch of cinnamon apples one was not tight and I had cinnamon apples every where in the canning pot ...

Here is an easy way to get your lids done and not have two burners going. The trick with lids is they do not want to be brought to a boil. Just warm water. I find that once my Canning pot has come to a nice rolling boil I take my small bowl and grab some of the boiling water in my canning pot and pop my lids in it. It is hot but not boiling once  it hits the bowl and you grab your lids and they are ready.

Alright get your jars in the canning pot bringing it back to a boil and time them for 25 minutes.

Ok when the timer goes off get those jars out of the pot and place on the counter. Do not fret if the jars dribble red syrup They are just happy!  It is ok they will still seal but put something down on the counter because your jars are going to leave a sticky bottom. Alright let them sleep for a day at least 16 to 24 hours. The next day remove your screw bands, make sure everything is sealed and wipe all the sticky off the jars.  Store them in your pantry or a cool spot for a year if they last that long. Label - Label - Label our three favorite words....

Notice in my pictures I have taken the same recipe and added four lemon slices per jar ..always tweaking...It is a gift and curse


  1. OOOOeeeee! I won't have plums here until late summer, but you can bet this recipe will stick in my mind until then.

  2. I don't do canning, but that sounds absolutely delicious, Lani! I love lemons, honey and jalapeno peppers...what a way to jazz up the plums. Do you sell your canned goods at a farmer's market or is it just for family and friends? I love your new blog and the name is perfect. You are so clever!

    Have a great week! Happy canning, Miss Canarella!

  3. Well buttered I am all about the spicy and last night I was thinking about how delicious the syrup
    is going to be slathered on chicken or fish this summer on the BBQ

  4. Doris you are to kind thank you I know I have a lot of blog/webs but I like one place to go for one thing not searching around the blog for what you need...xoxo...not that that is bad I love a lot of the sites that have all the content in one just not for me.....lol...


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