Canning Marinara Sauce

                  Canning your own Marinara sauce has never been easier. 
This is a no fuss , no peel just cook and can recipe.

Tomatoes 145 pounds and first a big thank you to Ms. Independence who helped pick them all here is the rest of that story.

I read and read and read so many stories about canning tomatoes and just dreaded it .....all the peeling- seeding- then on Sunday like a miracle from god I found this site Grow it Cook it Can it...yupperz  a no fuss no muss canning recipe for the canner who just wants old school Marinara Sauce.

No offense to the others but come on peel and seed 145 pounds of tomatoes not this girl. I would rather give birth to triplets. But I do get it if you do that. I do believe my Mother-in-love would have a heart attack if I were to peel and seed the tomato. I can hear her now rattling off in Italian yada yada yaaaaaa

 Ok set up your assembly line you need

Large pot
Some chopped garlic.
Springs of oregano
White Onion chopped
Granulated sugar cuts the acid taste
Salt and Pepper to taste

Assembly line

Wash your tomatoes. I just chop off the tops or core them then cut the tomatoes into quarters and pop it in the pot seeds and skins .  Do get the bruises or icky part off but I know you have perfect tomatoes like me.

In the pot I put a bit of olive oil and some chopped garlic and some springs of oregano that is all I use.I do realize that there is no measurement on the ingredients. The reason is that I do 50 to 150 pounds at a time and it is measured by taste.The only exact is the lemon to get the right acidic level.

 kitchen...assembly line...cut..simmer..squish

My assembly line for five day's 
I think that salt and pepper are a to taste additive for later but you can add what seasonings you enjoy go ahead tweek it.

Now you just simmer the tomatoes for a few hours mine simmered for 6+ hours. After about 2 hours I took my immersion blender and stuck it in to break up the skins. Cook it until it is to the thickness you want. The skins cook down.

This sauce I have to tell you tastes great I will look forward to making recipes for Heavy Metal cooking site. Do you think those ole' Italian mama's seeded and peeled back in the day....I think no. Just a reminder.

See the bit's of garlic

Ah Boone don zah......lol

To can the sauce: Add 1 tbs. of lemon juice to pint jars and  2 tbs. of lemon juice to quart jars. This is a must if you are water bathing. Pressure cookers sometimes need some acid-if-a-cation also go here for the safe answer. Fill the jars with hot tomato sauce using 1/2″ head space. Process in a boiling water canner.  Pints get 40 minutes and quarts get 50 minutes. Lemon juice is is a must if you use the boiling water method)

All done

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