Freezing Garlic you say

I know I am on a freezing trip lately but I have the time right now to post so many things that should be on this site...So actually it is catch up-correct and general new year clean the site time..

Now until I took a few cooking classes I never imagined I could freeze garlic but live and learn...Since I have been freezing the garlic it has become so easy to use...

It slices easier and I always have it on hand...Now here is a very important tip...DO NOT use frozen garlic in the bottom of a canning project that is going into a water bath..I blew out two jars one day ...lesson learned make sure the garlic had thawed completely..you know how cold and hot just do not work together when combined it is called thermal shock.

Well let us get back on topic here is what i do to freezes garlic...Peel and clean each clove ..once I peel it I rinse it off and dry it well.....put the cloves into a zip lock bag. It is that easy...

 When you need a clove you just pop it out slice it up and use it...It is easier to slice when frozen to..They keep up to 6 month in a air tight container...

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