Lil Thank you Giveaway

 Two little books I got at the $5.00 Book Store. I am giving them away. The one Gifts from a Jar is so awesome. It has recipes and cards you can cut out to hang on the jar and gift. It also has toppers for the jars and twine...Really clever! The other book I got was Slow Cooker. I know we all use the slow cooker (Not me yet) for canning but I thought we all have so much canning stuff why not just get cook book..That works right..Hey who cares it is not costing you  a penny...Ok so how should we work this?
Ok lets keep it simple we got to 300 likes and we are happy with that. I say lets just give this stuff away,. So everyone who leaves a comment on Facebook or here will get their name in. Pass it on if ya want the more the merrier.

Ok I will choose a name next Friday June 15th why prolong the excitement!


  1. I want one! ~~Canning Granny

  2. Love your blog! I love your posts - they really have inspired me to go beyond just canning my end of summer garden. I now stock up on bulk last of the season goods at our produce stands. I love it :) Congrats on getting to 300! :)


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