What about the Pod's..Holiday Gifts!

These are all from my batch of vanilla extract.
Well as most of you know I make Vanilla Extract Recipe as gifts for the Holiday's. Well I am getting the bottles started and wondered hey what can I do with these left over pods. I add two pods to each jar that I fill but there are at least 15 or so left over from the original batch of  Vanilla Extract.. The bag of vanilla I bought for the vanilla extract recipe
said that I should store them in sugar granulated or powder. I thought I would put small bathes through the food saver in little vacuum bags. The rest I am going to buy small jars and make vanilla sugar for gifts.

Other ideas for using Vanilla Beans

- Infuse Vanilla Beans in sea salt to create naturally scented bath salts or for culinary use.

- Place a Vanilla Bean in a jar filled with sugar, it tastes delicious in coffee or sprinkled over Creme Brulee.

- Add Vanilla Beans to liquors. They are especially wonderful in whiskey, bourbon, or vodka.

- Gently heat honey with a Vanilla Bean in it to create Vanilla infused honey. Simple and delectable for dipping fresh fruit or drizzling over desserts.

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