It started yesterday !

Did you send your address. Ah do not fret this will not be our last swap!

What a fun thing to do just sit down and jot on a piece of paper your favorite recipe and the story behind it. I have so many great recipes and so many great stories that go with them. I just thought it was a great way for all of us to reach out.

We have gotten so wrapped up in the Internet age and I get it. I also love it - BUT just like preserving and canning it is something that takes us back.

Granted there are some recipes from my Grandma Lois that well they prove to be not right up there with the Rules of Preserving. But in her day you just did it. At that time there were no rules just preserve the bounty of the yard so you would eat through out the year. It was a given. Well with that I am going to go and scatter the address to each of you who are participating and hope for some new friends and shared memories.

Thank you all for being a part of this
 you make my Lemons happy!

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