Why do you cover your pickles with ice

Covering the pickles prior to preserving with ice?
Why you ask so many times. Many canners do this or will soak them in ice water for up to 5 hours.I just want to get the moisture back that is lost in the picking and getting to the Store or Farmers Market.
I never know how long a pickle has sat. It can be fresh picked at the Framer's Market but fresh yesterday or this morning. Regardless I do not know unless I have picked it myself which is not always going to happen.

I cover my pickles with Kosher salt and ice cubes for 1 hour prior to the chop and stuffing in the jars. I do this right before I start to get everything ready. Make sure you scrub your cucumbers and take off the bloom.

By the time I am done getting things ready the cucumbers are rinsed and ready to get chopped and packed. 

I do this because by the time I get them home they have lost a great deal of moisture and the ice water perks them back up.  

Be sure prior to soaking or once they have been rinsed to cut off the ends of the cucumber.

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