Pressure Canning and Water Bath Safety and My mistakes

 Canarella provides all her  stuff as a service and her own experience. I am not a Master Food Preserver or an expert in any way. I have been taught by my Grandma and several classes. This is a hit and miss sport just like any other. The more you take part in this hobby the more you learn. Most important is know your tools and be clean.

Each link is going to take you back to the subject you are interested in and to the Go To Site.  For recipes see the Website you love most but do go out of your comfort box every so often. And invite a friend to can with you. Sharing is caring! Quote from Care Bear

 Water Bath Canning


All you ever need for Water Bath canning you will find at the Ball Canning site and all the information you need is here:

 National Center for Home Preservation

And here are some of

My Favortie Water Bath Recipes


 Pressure Canning

This is a Pressure Canner. If you have one that looks any different than know the information. Here is all the up to date information and  answer's to your question's.

 National Center for Home Food Preservation

And here are some of my

Favorite Pressure Recipes

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