Sun Dried Tomato's

The term Sun Dried is nice on the jar's in the Italian market but do you really think there are thousands and thousands of tomato getting a tan any where ? Me I think Not !
I have done yet again allot of research on this subject, I have a few book on the subject of dehydrating and I still did get more information off the web.

I checked my dehydrating Bible and it did give me some information but the best site I found was Food52 it was simple, and informative.

The Bible gave me directions also
but some times I want just a bit more.

So lets get started. Roma tomato's are the best to dry because they have less water content. After all we want flavor not water. It is the same as when you compare a store bought tomato to your own home grown. The store bought are like water tasteless and the garden are full of flavor.

Little leftover's from the garden

Alright let us get started clean you tomato's.  I slices them into 1/4 inch slices. No need to peel or pit just cut them. All the other tomato's have way to much water to dry. The Roma have a meaty center which makes a wonderful taste.
I found myself eating them right out of the dehydrator.

This is why I love the Internet the pictures.

The next step is to take your tomato slices and put them on a clean non linty towel on top of a cutting board. Salt your slices. Use the amount of salt you would be comfortable eating. Just like a usual meal. Now put another towel on top of your slices and top that with another cutting board. I know many of us do not have two cutting boards so use something like that . Maybe you have a big book. You can always wrap it so it does not get tomato smell.

Let your tomato sandwich sit for about 20 minutes let the moisture get pulled out.

 Notice your tomatoes are not all shiny and wet. Great Job!

Now remove the stuff and place your tomatoes on the racks of your dehydrator.

If you are using your oven make sure you have a rack on a cookie sheet. This way they do not soak in the moisture and the air circulates all around the little darlings.

Day two

And here is the final day

I have put mine into seal saver bags and to be honest they dried out to be enough for maybe a meal.

Tomato Dirt has a nice post but way to may advertiser's in my way. Seasonal Chef was great it had post from everything drying to storage and all in a neat format . Food 52 was the place that showed me what I like easy no peeling, no seeding cut and dry thank you very much

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