Ahh to be young !

Yet a new canning class and with the young-in's. What a great lil group. I had gotten a letter from a young lady last year about joining our on going class. I have a canning class that meets once a month and it is fun. We discover new idea's everyone learns something and go home with the desire to can and preserve. It is a wonderful life.

Well much to my delight young people are getting back to basics. This does not mean they are their grandma this means they want to know what they are putting into their families tummy!

This is our little scientist Joy. If there is a question she wants the answer and if we do not know it we look it up. Love this ! She had two little one's a hubby and what looks like a full and busy life.

This would be Jenn and Heather. Thank Gofer's that she had that name. My daughter is Heather so that made one thing easy that day. Jenn is the Mommy who first got in touch with me regarding a class. Three month's later and thank you hubbies and napping time they made it.

Stir Stir Stir till you get your rapid boil.

Well we sure did have a lot to talk about personal and foodie.

 Jenn is pouring her jam into the jar here.

And it looks like Joy needs glasses. But personally I think she is a perfectionist

And off they go with their little recycled bag's of Jam and I stuck in a jar of bread and butter pickles.

 Thank you ladies for giving me a wonderful day of canning.Here is the link to make your own Raspberry Jam

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