Persimmon Apple jam

Persimmon Apple Jam is delightful. The life brought to this jam with the combination of Persimmons and Apples Is Jammin'.

 I was going to go with a straight Persimmon Jam (ha ha) but there was just a slight tart that I personally did not like so in came the apples. I used three different types of apples which just danced with the persimmons.


4 cups chopped persimmons
3 cups chopped apples - variety
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
2 cups of brown sugar
2 cups of white sugar 

* This will give you approximately 7 half pint jars - 8 ounce jars 
Have all you equipment ready. Water-bath, jars, sugar this makes the process so much more pleasant.

Start with clean scrubbed persimmons. Peel and chop the persimmons.

Do not use the core or seeds that is where the bitter taste comes from. If you are not sure or have not experienced persimmons eat one you will understand.

Next you need to get your apples chopped.

I use three granny smith and a variety of apples are from my brothers apple trees. This came to approximately 3 to 4 cups.

Have a bowl of cold water ready with the juice of one lemon squeezed in it.

This will keep the apple from browning.

 They look pretty in the jam white not brown.

You can hand peel as I did or use a peeling tools. It seems sometimes it is more work to use a tool than just rely on my own hands.Vary the size of the apple chunks it makes a more interesting jam and people love to taste and feel the fruit in the jam.


Put your persimmon, apples and lemon in to your stainless steel pot. You will need to keep this mixture on low and stir for about 45 minutes give or take.

You want the apples to soften up. You do not want them to loose there form it is not a butter so pieces of fruit in your jam is the best.

This is after about 45 minutes on low. Once it softened up I used my immersion blender to break up the jam a bit. It is now time to jar up and water-bath your jam.

The texture here is just perfect if I do say so! Now it is time to take your jar's out of the water-bath and fill. Fill the jars to approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the top of the jar. Fill wipe the rim clean and cap. Water-bath for 12 minutes.

Once done remove from the bath let them cool overnight. Once cooled remove the ring (do not store with the ring on) wipe clean and store labeled for up to one year.

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes.     

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