Dehydrating Citrus

Citrus Drying,  I know that it seems almost impossible that someone who has been preserving food as long as I have has not Dried Citrus. To dehydrate any citrus is brilliant and so very easy. When I think of all the little citrus that has sat and watched me waiting to be sectioned for Great Marmalade. And as most of you know to make a fresh and great marmalade it takes a lot of time.

I have been a part of a great Challenge this New Year of 2017 through the Food In Jars Website. Even if your not a part of it play along I am learning a lot. And remember Knowledge is power in the canning world!

So last month's project used salt I made some awesome Citrus Salt and it is all the rage in this canning family. 

So I have the gift of living in SoCal and with that comes a bounty of citrus of every sort. Today I got a box of Blood Oranges from a neighbor and I have some Meyer from my own tree's and some limes left from another jam project.

Not so many pictures this round ! But this is a simple and very worthy project for you to do. Never waste anything if possible. In this picture I show you how I take even the ends that are cut off and squeeze the juice from them for jam, drinks or what ever it is easily frozen in jar's.

Alright y then just slice you citrus in 1/4 inch thin slices. Place your slices on your dehydrator shelves and dry on. My dehydrator has no temperature so I dry until my stuff is dry no moisture left. I also will take the tray's and put them on the table for a day or two to let the citrus air dry more. Seal them into air tight container and use in you water, cooking there are so many uses but that is yet another post! 

You could also use your oven. Just take a cookie sheet with a rack and put them in the oven for a few day's. Do not forget them.

I don't recommend a low oven so many do not go low enough to properly dry them but try whatever works for you. I am of the belief that if it works do it.

Well all dried and in their cute little jar's in the Pantry of Wonderful!

Here are some links to help your journey ! Spoon Fork Bacon and  Food in Jars 

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