Ok guess what I ordered

A crock yup .....here is the link I saw it on the tigress website she makes a kimchi and I want to do that .....and I have wanted one for so long and finally said just do it....Tomorrow a camera I am lost with out mine....I have canned for a 2while but never delved into the fermentation part of it...

i thin so many times we are fearful of getting someone sick or not doing it right but I have yet to let that stop me. I signed up for a Master Preserving Class down in LA hopefully  i will get into it...It shows you all the safe ways to do canning, pressure cooking and dehydrating...I think they even give you a little knowledge on fruit leathers...Sweet....Hey you still have a few days to get an application in if you are interested go here Fall 2011 Master Food Preserver

Well I should be back to normal in a few more weeks to get some canning done hopefully prior to the season ending what a time to get in an accident but all is well I have the rest of my life to can and cook....god bless

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