Snuck into the canning area of the Fair

So while I was in submitting my baked goods to Fair I snuck over to the canned area and look A BLUE RIBBON...WOOTWOOT...then they caught me and kicked my ass out....Oh well we will check on the other things Thursday.....Now I need to post the recipe I just saw I have not put that one up today I promise you!....The reason I was kicked pout was the Fair does not open till Thursday....


  1. What do you mean "they caught you" ???? What did you do? Did you not win those ribbons? You, the canningest, cookingest person I know! Pray tell it's not so!

    Have a happy day :-)

    D&G (hugs)

  2. the fair does not start till thursday and I snuck in after going to take my stuff into the baking section...lol


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