Good Honey

So we drive

And drive

And drive
 took a bit of a ride and I know you are going to say why so far for Honey....I love really good honey at a good price.....Just kidding we went on an adventure and found this little stop while we were driving and bought a ton of honey the price was outstanding....Here are some of our shots...Hubby was a good victim I drag that poor man everywhere....lol....I am going to get to canning next week my arm seems to be healing ok so let r rip......We Will start with Apricot-Raspberry jam it was a really great one last year so we will go with what we know rather than experiment right now.....Once I am back to 100% I will get tweaky....

Now that is a good hubby ...
Oh Honey look photo -op's

Good Ole' Gus's

Modern bathrooms

Great Store front....

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