When you find Grapes make grape jelly....

 Ahh ha yup yet another adventure in forging....Urban that is...Darcy found me yet another place to grab some fruit to recreate into jam...I have not made Grape Jelly yet so this is a first for me...
 I am a jam girl i like the guts of the fruit to be in the jam it gives it a better taste to me...and to make a clear jelly well it seems like canning water but I will do it yes I will...

So lets review what I did with my box of grapes and I will post the Jelly recipe separate as I froze them because it was 107 deegreezz today and I was to busy to can them  ...
I just thought I would tell you a cost saving item that Helen told me about. I used the paint filters from the paint department of any hardware store they are so easy and economical. They can also be washed and reused multiple times. I am sure some of you already knew that...lol

So next week i will be making my first batch of grape jelly I will probably pop over to SB website to get some tips her site is great ...well it took a while to find a grape recipe but I found one on Local Kitchen
Kaela has a good one for grapes the thing she does but it is to late for me is she peels them and uses the peels who of thought...I can only hope my jelly looks as good as hers it looks so good i wanted to eat my laptop

I had to sample as you all know there is nothing like fresh anything...except fresh children they are a nono little smarty alicks...but speaking of children they love peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich's
Helwn my new go to for grapes girl

 Humm more you think let us not be greedy !

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