Ok Two Blue Ribbons 2010

 Here I am with my Blue Ribbon Winner and some of the other ribbon winners...........and a lot of others I am going to let you go over the pictures here ...It was exciting for as long as I have been canning I have only been doing the Fair for two years so the blue ribbons were a nice gift.....I was really surprise that the Pickles and Salsa I thought for sure I would get something in my Jams but not a thing.....There were so many people who entered in the Jams and many of these women and men have been long time canners in this county...here is a good story when i went to register my stuff there was a lady who brought a ton of stuff if she had 30 it could have been more...the woman who signed me in said that this woman has been canning for many a year and is blind ....go figure.....quite a miracle so see no matter what we can can ......
Plums in Honey sauce
Onion Marmalade
Salsa Verde
Blue Ribbon Salsa
Dill Pickle Chips
Show off

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